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We are a team of seasoned wedding and event planners who help clients bring their best selves and style to their parties. Located on the East Coast, we plan events across the country, always focusing on design and perfect coordination. Our clients are busy people with wonderful lifestyles and high expectations of what a sophisticated event should be. Our team brings those expectations to reality in the best possible way.

most of all, fun!

perfectly coordinated, beautifully designed and 

Bailey Weddings partners with clients to produce a seamless, well planned, classic wedding that will be remembered as being

#makelifeaparty #makelifeaparty

- Jon Weinman

but would be very noticeable if it were absent."

"Our wedding exceeded all of my unrealistic expectations. I am still trying to find the right words to adequately express our gratitude for everything you have done to make it such a great success. Like harmonic overtones in a symphony, your touch is something that you can't always detect,

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We make this a reality.

you have high expectations of what a sophisticated event should be.

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